This is about good strategies in the city siege games, if you have a strategy then feel free to add it to this page!

City siege 1 and 2Edit

Saving civilians 1Edit

To save civilians in a safe way for them AND you, you should use a foot unit with bullets (the spy is preferable because baddies cant see you until you are in front of them and in their red circle), no explosions close to them, take you the baddies from a distance to avoid them shooting the civilians, when all baddies is killed you can go save the civilians.

Stealth 1Edit

To be stealthy you should always use bullets from behind the baddies, also you can make objects fall on them.

Collecting stars 1Edit

To collect stars you must avoid to destroy things that do not block your way, if you destroy just 1 wrong thing you might destroy your way up, also kill the baddies so they wont destroy it.

Collecting stars 2Edit

Destroy everything in your way using a helicopter and then take the stars with it. Also do not use this on regular missions since blowing everything up might result in civilian deaths so use this strategy only in baddie bunker maps.

City siege 2 onlyEdit

Saving civilians (spy) 1Edit

The spy can avoid being detected so send her first to save all civilians and then blow up the baddies with time bombs.

Saving civilians (spy) 2 The spy must be extremely careful when setting time bombs near civilians to eliminate the baddies to save the civilians. If you are an expert at playing as a spy, I'm sure you can set the time bomb in the right place.

1,2, and 3 city siegeEdit

Take cover 1 (Destructible things)

When you're detected, take cover in a destructible object and jump out to shoot (usually low chance of getting shot). Never do this if it fits these things: an explosive enemy attacking you (splash damage), a deadly enemy attacking you (take 3 burst veterans for example), or if outnumbered (ok with 2-7 rifles), which in case can destroy the cover quick unless you have more than 1 layer of cover.

Camping 1 (oh yeah!)

Go to a building's roof (mostly) and shoot everyone from there. (Remember to dodge too!)

Fact: The maker of the 1,2, and 3 city siege category had most of his units killed from explosive things.